Here are some of the courses I have taught or am currently teaching. The links will lead you to more information and materials I used, including syllabi, handouts, and homework assignments. Some of my teaching-related activities can be found on the activities page.

Current academic year

Spring 2023:

  • Not teaching

Classes taught in the past

Other teaching experience

I also supervised independent studies, summer research, and senior theses in

  • Hochschild homology,

  • Differential geometry,

  • Advanced ODEs,

  • Markov chains,

  • Knot theory,

  • NTRU cryptosystem,

  • Category theory,

  • Algebraic topology,

  • Frobenius algebras and TQFTs,

  • Tverberg Conjecture,

  • Khovanov homology and functor calculus,

  • Topological data analysis and neuroscience,

  • Topological data analysis and Unicef data,

  • Configuration spaces and r-immersions,

  • Topological data analysis and spread of COVID-19,

  • Combinatorial topology and political structures,

  • Quantitative literacy and political discourse,

  • Quantification of power with forbidden coalitions,

  • Category-theoretic interpretation of the Balinski-Young Apportionment Theorem.