Here are some of the courses I have taught or am currently teaching. The links will lead you to more information and materials I used, including syllabi, handouts, and homework assignments, but keep in mind that the materials linked are not necessarily from the latest time I taught the class. Some of my teaching-related activities can be found on the activities page.

Current academic year

Fall 2019:
Spring 2020:
Multivariable Calculus
Complex Analysis
Mathematics and politics (link leads to a short summer workshop version of the class)

Classes taught in the past

(The materials linked are not necessarily from the last iteration of the class.)

I also supervised independent studies, summer research, and senior theses in 

Hochschild homology, 
Differential geometry, 
Advanced ODEs, 
Markov chains, 
Knot theory, 
NTRU cryptosystem, 
Category theory,
Algebraic topology, 
Frobenius algebras and TQFTs, 
Tverberg Conjecture,
Khovanov homology and functor calculus,
Topological data analysis and neuroscience,
Topological data analysis and Unicef data,
Configuration spaces and r-immersions.