My research is in topology, more precisely in the Goodwillie-Weiss manifold calculus of functors and its applications to embedding spaces. I have studied some ways in which this theory connects to the theory of finite type invariants of classical knots and Milnor invariants of homotopy links. I have used both embedding and orthogonal calculus of functors to study the rational homotopy type of spaces of knots in any dimension, and more generally spaces of embeddings of any manifold in a Euclidean space. I have also studied configuration space integrals and their interaction with functor calculus. In addition, I have been trying to understand how these integrals might give insight into the topology of links, homotopy links, and braids, as well as how they can be used to define asymptotic invariants of vector fields.  I have also recently started studying r-immersions using functor calculus techniques in hope to apply them to some problems in combinatorial topology.

I coauthored a book on cubical homotopy theory (published version can be purchased here), written jointly with B. Munson, which covers many classical and modern topics in homotopy theory with an emphasis on cubical diagrams. The book contains over 300 examples and provides detailed explanations of many fundamental results in algebraic topology.  We hope that this book will be useful to a variety of audiences. 

Here is a partial list of literature and open problems in the study of knot and link spaces using homotopy-theoretic techniques such as manifold calculus, cosimplicial spaces, and operad actions. This document was last updated in May 2010 and there have been quite a few developments related to the problems listed here since then, so some of them might now be solved or irrelevant.


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  1. Group actions, with A. Schultz, in preparation.
  2. Cubical homotopy theory, with B. Munson, New Mathematical Monographs, 25. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2015. 625 pp. Copyright © 2015 by Cambridge University Press.  Single paper of electronic copies for noncommercial personal use may be be made without explicit permission from the author or publisher.  All other rights reserved. Hard copy of the book can be purchased here or here

Other publications

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